About Us

Our Story

Rustic Chili's birth came from an Idea of Heather Kistner's,, a Singer/Songwriter from upstate NY who along with her her Co -writer friends Dee and Jody Meese, whom she has been writing with for some time now. Heather  is multitallented as a writer and plays guitar,ukelayly ,and other instruments.Dee is a Singer Songwriter who plays guitar,harmonica and a few other instruments ...Jody is the PR man who plays multiple shaker instruments and is a huge contributer to the songs created by the group...They write laid back acoustic music that flows like an endless river deep into the hearts  of the listener..Together they form RusticChill'

What Inspires Us

Our  inspirations come from life events,,,nature ,,,, and a creative gift from God ,,..Our purpose is to create songs that become a part of each listener's heart ,something they can take with them as they follow the song's pathway and the message it has....

Our Music

Our music's genre is mixed with acoustic alternative folk with ocasional  country and  gospel  additions to form what we call (  Rustic Chill).....

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